Life On Parole

A Frontline I shot the interviews for was released by PBS today. This was an eye-opening project to be a part of. Check it out if you have the time. This project was done in association with the NY Times. Check out the related article here.

FRONTLINE: Life On Parole

Happier Days

Here are some screengrabs from my latest project, Happier Days, directed by the awesome Manco Wei. Looking forward to the finished film!


Professional Cuddler

Here's the trailer for the film Professional Cuddler I shot for the lovely director Mika Orr. It's a great film, and is off to festivals right now. We hope it gets the success it deserves. For more about it, check out

Little Hustle Music Video

A photo from a recent music video I operated on for the band Little Hustle. Directed by Cameron Dingwall. I found glitter my stuff for weeks after this shoot :)

The Rock

Christmas came early! Got to shoot with this gentleman. It was an honor and a pleasure.


Scouting For A Music Video

Exploring some abandoned buildings with my man Julian Wicks, choreographer extraordinaire. He choreographed Can't Stop The Feeling. We're scouting for another video together.